Team Vardo Overview

Located in Ames, Iowa, Team Vardo is a diverse group of people who share a passion for running. Regardless of age, race goals, or running habits, all are welcome to join the group, make new friends, and create lasting memories.

Group Runs

Offical group runs are twice a week, 52 weeks a year. Tuesday’s the group always starts from the south side of the City of Ames Community Center located at 515 Clark Ave Ames, IA at 5:30pm. Tuesday’s run usually has 3miles, 5miles, and sometimes 8-10mile run options. Saturday runs starting place and time varies. However, you can expect a 6:00am-7am start in the warmer months and a 7am-8am start in the cold months. Refer to the email list for the exact details for the week.

Often there are impromptu/bonus group runs via the Team Vardo Facebook page. For instance in the warmer months, someone will post opportunity for a track workout or hill workout.

Team Vardo Calendar and Training Schedule

There is three different training schedules: short (S), half marathon (1/2), and marathon (M). All training schedules are driven off four running days, two cross training days, and one rest day. The training schedule is in green in the calendar below.

The Route Master (RM) is in dark grey in the calendar below.

Team Vardo Email Group


  • You must subscribe to the email list to see past, present, and future messages.
  • When it is your turn, you will need to create a running route for the group. If it is one of the long routes, then you should consider supplying water or having the group run near places that they can get water. Note that the current list has around 100 people. With 2 official routes a week this means you have to supply a route about once per year. If you are new to the group, you are added to the bottom of the list meaning you have about a year before you need to supply a route.


If you need help, then contact