2017-Oct-14 Saturday Route

We start at the West HyVee parking lot 3800 Lincoln Way. Run West from there & south on S. Dakota.

7 milers: continue past the 30 overpass, make a right to the gravel road that is 240 street, then a right to 500th Ave, and a right to Lincoln. First right to (Oscar) Wilde bvd. Water at Daley Park. Then along the path east, crossing S. Dakota and to Gartner Park. South and then east on the path, to the stadium (2nd water stop). North (Left) on State and left on Lincoln back to Hy Vee.

4 milers: make a left to Gartner park, on the path to State. North on State. Right on Lincoln, left on Hyland, left on Oakland, left on  Franklin, & right on Lincoln back to HyVee.


7 Mile run

4 mile run