2017-Nov-18 Saturday Route

Start time: 2017-Nov-18 Saturday  7:00am
Start place: Ames Racquet and Fitness Center South

Route: http://www.usatf.org/routes/view.asp?rID=594406

“Right out of the parking lot around the loop, back to the sidewalk to first roundabout, north through the three roundabouts. Right on Airport Rd. to the S Loop Dr. Cross to the north side of the road at the east end of the loop, then right down Airport Rd to HL Munn Lumber.   Turn back west along the sidewalk and take the N Loop Rd.  At the west end of the loop go West on Airport road through roundabout to south side of Oakwood Rd.  Run to the end of the sidewalk near new apartments, then turn back east to the roundabout.  Go south through the three roundabouts back to the Ames Fitness Center parking lot.  This route has several places where loops can be cut out to get 3, 4 or 5 miles for those who choose not to run that far.  I’ll have little water bottles in the back of my pickup for the end of the run”

2017-Oct-28 Saturday Route

4 miles
Start at Cafe, S down Stange to Osborn
Right or W on Osborn to Morrill
Left or  S on Morrill to Memorial Union  – water
home again, home again clip pity clop
For those wanting 8, another 4 + to add on to above
Cafe N on Stange
Bloomington to Hyde
N to Harrison
S edge of Ada Hayden
up hill (sorry) to Top O Hollow
Bloomington to Stange and back

2017-Oct-21 Saturday Route

Start time: 2017-Oct-21 7:00 a.m
Start place: Cy-Ride Transit Hub (located in the giant parking lot north of Jack Trice Stadium) From University Blvd, go west on 4th street, then north to the transit hub.

*no water stop
*water and restroom facilities inside west doors of Memorial Union if desired

2017-Oct-14 Saturday Route

We start at the West HyVee parking lot 3800 Lincoln Way. Run West from there & south on S. Dakota.

7 milers: continue past the 30 overpass, make a right to the gravel road that is 240 street, then a right to 500th Ave, and a right to Lincoln. First right to (Oscar) Wilde bvd. Water at Daley Park. Then along the path east, crossing S. Dakota and to Gartner Park. South and then east on the path, to the stadium (2nd water stop). North (Left) on State and left on Lincoln back to Hy Vee.

4 milers: make a left to Gartner park, on the path to State. North on State. Right on Lincoln, left on Hyland, left on Oakland, left on  Franklin, & right on Lincoln back to HyVee.


7 Mile run

4 mile run