2017-Sept-23 Saturday Route

Start Time: 2017-Sept-23 Saturday 7:00am
Start place: Provisions Lot F, 2400 N Loop Dr, Ames, IA 50010

Water station at the corner 245th and and Dartmoor Rd.
Water station at the corner at 260th and State St
Water station at 550th Ave and 260th St which is just east past Duff

4 mile route

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Airport Rd to Oakwood Rd
OakWood Rd to North on State St
West on Dartmoor Rd
Go right on 245th st and go to the end of the street.
Turn around and go back to the start at the end of 245th st.
This is an out and back route.

8 Mile Route

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12 Mile Route

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2017-August-26 Saturday Route

“Here’s routes for Saturday. Start at The Cafe at 7:00. We will have drinks and snacks after the run.”  Biff and Buffy 
4 mile route.
Stange North to Bloomington
Bloomington east to Grand
Grand south to 24th.
24th West back to The Cafe
6 mile route
Stange south to path to aquatic center
Follow path across 13th thru Brookside
left on 6th street to Burnett
Burnett north to 20th—drinks at 1813 Burnett
turn left on 20th to Hayes
right on Hayes to Stange back to The Cafe

2017-Aug-19 Saturday Route

Start Time: 2017-Aug-19 Saturday 7:00am
Start place: Brookside Park – 1325 6th Street

Here are the routes for Saturday.  Start time is 7 AM at Brookside Park.
Take trail under sixth street, past skate park, toward campus.
Go south on trail to Y north of Stuart Smith Park.
Head east on trail over bridge to south 4th, past DOT to South Grand.
Turn right and head south on Grand to pick up trail toward Vet Med.
Water will be in a cooler near the trail on the north side of South 16th St.
Continue on trail to Airport Road.
Follow Airport Road to the west to University.
Cross University and head north to Mortensen.
6 Milers: (heading back to Brookside)
Continue north on University to 6th Street
Then east on 6th back to Brookside
9 Milers & 20 Milers:
Head West on Mortensen.
Water next to porch at house on the NE corner of Ash & Mortensen.
Continue on Mortensen to State Street.
Head north on State Street
9 Milers: (heading to the backside of campus & then to Brookside)
Continue north on State Street to Lincoln Way.
Turn right and jog east a short block to Howard.
Head north on Howard to West Street.
Turn right and head east on West Street to Sheldon.
Turn left and head north on Sheldon to Pammel Dr. (which turns into University)
Water fountain inside Lagomarcino Hall on the SE corner of Pammel & Stange
Follow University to 6th street and back to Brookside
20 milers:
After heading south on State Street watch for trail to left to head west.
Follow trail west past middle school track, cross over Dodson Drive and continue to Cochrane Parkway.
Catch trail off Cochrane past Cochrane Park and over to South Dakota.
Cross South Dakota and continue on trail all the way to Daley Park.
Water Fountain at Daley Park.
Backtrack on trail back to South Dakota.
Head North on South/North Dakota to Phoenix St.
Head east on Phoenix, short north on Garfield and east on Ross Road.
Water Fountain at Emma McCarthy Lee Park. Look for a cooler here as well.
Continue on Ross Road to Hyland.
Turn left on Hyland to head north to Ontario/13th Street.
Turn right to head east on 13th to Stange.
Turn left to head north on Stange to Veenker Golf course entrance.
Take Veenker entrance to trail across from clubhouse.
Take trail into Moore Park, following to right and up to shelter.
Water Fountain at Moore Memorial Park shelter.
Find trail to head north at NW corner of pond and head north on trail.
Continue on trail next to GWC to Bloomington.
Turn right to head east on Bloomington to Hyde (just past water tower).
Turn left on Hyde
Water Fountain next to playground in park on Hyde.
Continue north on Hyde to Harrison.
Turn right on Harrison to head NE to Ada Hayden.
Take Ada Hayden trail on West side of lake to the bridge.
Cross bridge, then head back south to southern bathrooms.
Water fountain at bathrooms. Look for cooler right outside fence on Dawes.
Head up Dawes Dr. to Bloomington. Continue on Grand to 30th/Duff.
Turn left to head east on 30th/Duff.
Follow Duff to Inis Grove Park.
Water fountain at Inis Grove.
Continue south on Duff to Douglas. Head south on Douglas to 20th.
Head west on 20th to the high school.
Turn south on Ridgewood and scoot over to west side of tennis courts by HS.
Water fountain on west side of tennis courts. (tricky to turn on)
Head south on trail from tennis courts toward aquatic center.
Head past aquatic center to trail through Brookside.
If short a few tenths, circle the park.😉
Water & gatorade (& maybe treats) at miles 3,  5, 10, 15, & Brookside for 20 milers, at miles 3, 5 & Brookside for the 9 milers, at mile 3 & Brookside for shorter distances.
Enjoy! I wish I was running the 20! I love this route!  (Editor’s Note:  Then why don’t you marry it.)

2017-August-5 Saturday Route

All routes start at Moore Park – 7 AM  start time.
4 miler
North from Moore Park up Valley View to Bloomington.
East on Bloomington to Eisenhower
South on Eisenhower to Buchanan-  Water near corner of Eisenhower & Buchanan
East on Buchanan to Hoover
South on Hoover to 24th
West on 24th, cross Stange,  and take trail back in to Moore Park
7 miler
North from Moore Park up Valleyview to Bloomington
East on Bloomington to Hyde
North on Hyde, cross Harrison, and continue north on Grant (the new paved road to Gilbert)
Enter Ada Hayden trail from new parking lot on west edge of Ada Hayden
Take trail to Main Shelter for Water.
Continue Ada Hayden path to South Shelter/water.
Continue west on trail to Edgewater/Hoover to Top- o-Hollow
West on Top-o-Hollow to Bloomington
West on Bloomington to GW Carver trail back to Moore Park
18 miler
North from Moore Park up Valleyview to Bloomington
East on Bloomington to Hyde
North on Hyde, cross Harrison, and continue north on Grant (the new paved road to Gilbert)
Enter Ada Hayden trail from new parking lot on west edge of Ada Hayden
Take trail to Main Shelter for Water.
Continue Ada Hayden path to South Shelter/water.
Continue west on trail to Edgewater/Hoover to Top- o-Hollow
West on Top-o-Hollow to Bloomington
West on Bloomington to GW Carver trail back to Moore Park
South to Veenker, then Stange, to Bruner and pick up the trail
Take trail past Aquatic Center to 13th
West on 13th/Ontario to North Dakota-   Water at corner of Ontario and North Dakota
South on Dakota all the way to Mortensen
East on Mortenson to Dotson/Middle School for Water
East on Mortensen to University
North on University to S4th and pick up trail to 6th/Brookside
Water at Brookside Skate Park
West/North on University to Stange
North on Stange back to Veenker and Moore Park

ROUTE MODIFICATIONS:  For those who want a bit more than 7 miles, but not as much as 18 miles, here are suggestions:

a.       For 10 miles:  Do the 7 mile route, and add on a Figure 8 at Ada Hayden to get you to 10ish.  That way you’ll still be close to water….

b.      For 12 miles: Do the 7 mile route, add on Figure 8 at Ada Hayden, and then add a circuit through Northridge neighborhood behind Fareway (ie North on Stange to Harrison, to GW Carver, to Valleyview – or something like that)

2017-July-29 Saturday Route

Start time: 2017-July-29 Saturday 7:00am
Start place: Brookside Park – 1325 6th Street

17 miler:

4 miler:


Brookside Park at 7:00 AM.  The routes are the Polar Bear 4 and the Polar Bear 17.  Both routes start and stay together for the first two miles.


From the parking lot go east and south on the trail under the 6th St. Bridge.

Through Stuart Smith Park to South 4th Street.

West on South 4th to Beach Ave.

South on Beach, just past McCarthy Road then east on trail to Reiman Gardens.


Follow the circle drive east to South 16th St and University Blvd.

4 milers go north on University Blvd and back through Stuart Smith Park.

17 milers go south on University Blvd to Airport Road.

East on Airport Road to South Duff Ave Fire Station #3.

FIRE STATION #3 – 5.5-mile WATER STOP, north side of Fire Station #3 bldg.

Billy Sunday Road north and east to Hunziker Youth Sports Complex Road.

Hunziker Complex Rd north and east to the Skunk River Trail.

Skunk River Trail under Hwy 30 Skunk River Bridge to South 16th Street.

South 16th east to South Dayton.

South Dayton north to SE 5th Street.

SE 5th west to Freel Drive.

Freel Drive north to Lincoln Way.

Lincoln Way west to west side of Skunk River.

Skunk Trail north to 13th – 9.5-mile WATER STOP @ fountain by 1st diamond.

West on 13th Street 100’ to Skunk River Trail north. Skunk River Trail north to Meadow Lane.

Meadow Lane north to E. 20th Street.

East 20th St. west to North Duff Ave.

North on Duff to Innis Grove – 11.5-mile WATER STOP @ fountain by restroom North and west on North Duff to Grand Avenue.

North on Grand Ave to Dawes Drive.

North on Dawes Drive to Ada Hayden Heritage Park.

Ada Hayden – 13-mile WATER STOP @ fountain by south restroom.

West along south shore of Ada Hayden to Edgewater exit.

South on Edgewater to Hoover and Top-O-Hollow.

West on Top-O-Hollow to Bloomington. West on Bloomington to Stange Rd.

South on Stange Rd to University Blvd.

If 15-mile WATER STOP needed stop at Ames Racket & Fitness by the Cafe East on University Blvd to 6th Street.

East on 6th Street to Brookside.

Brookside – 17-mile WATER STOP @ fountain 

2017-July-22 Saturday Route

Start Time: 2017-July-22 Saturday 7:00am
Start place: Brookside Park – 1325 6th Street

And now, fresh from the Crestwood 4th Addition to Ames, our RouteMaster Courtney Vengrin. Behold:

“I can’t make it out but I’ve made a 6 mile route and a 9 mile route. If you want to do 6, do 6. If you want to do 15, add the 9 on, and if you’re in the middle then do 9!”  Courtney

Start for both routes is at Brookside Park at 7 AM.

The 6 mile route is: http://www.usatf.org/routes/view.asp?rID=591291

Start: Brookside (plenty of water and bathrooms)

General Overview: Course goes up 6th and winds through Stuart Smith, then out around Jack Trice, through campus past the MU for more water and potty breaks, down Stange to 13th and in the back way to Brookside….or you could cut it short and go jump in the pool across the street if so inclined.

9 mile: http://www.usatf.org/routes/view.asp?rID=591292    Ignore the random water bottle not on the route. I couldn’t make it go away.

Start: Brookside, either before or after you’ve ran 6 miles

General overview: Down 6th toward Bandshell to Carroll. Carroll to 14th. **Drinks on the corner of Maxwell and 14th in a large Teal Rubbermaid tote on the Routemaster’s front doorstep. Hose will also be hooked up in front yard, feel free to hose off. Routemaster may or may not be home. Family things going on this weekend. If home, door will be open for bathroom breaks.**
From Maxwell, head to 20th, 20th to Duff, Duff to Grand to Ada Hayden. Across the lake and around to the exit on Fletcher. Fletcher to Bloomington to Stange and then 13th, in the back of Brookside.

15 mile: http://www.usatf.org/routes/view.asp?rID=591291   +  http://www.usatf.org/routes/view.asp?rID=591292      Happy trails!!!

2017-July-15 Saturday Route

Start time: 2017-July-15 Saturday
Start place: Brookside Park – 1325 6th Street