VardoGram - Special Dam to Dam Edition

VardoGram Subscription Renewal Offer – Last Call

A final reminder that you must email  Kecia before May 31  to let her know that you wish to be a RouteMaster.  This pays for a one-year subscription to the weekly VardoGram and a backstage pass to the annual Team Vardo Awards Banquet in December.  Please note that you must be on Kecia’s RouteMaster schedule to receive the weekly VardoGram.  To ensure uninterrupted service, please e-mail Kecia today! 

Speaking of RouteMasters . . .

See attached Training Calendar for June (courtesy of The Goodman).

From Tim Gartin, Esq:

“Random idea. I met the weight lifting coach at ISU for all non-football sports. Very nice guy. This got my thinking that it might be fun to line up a few speakers for Vardo on topics like weight lifting for runners, nutrition, periodization, injury prevention / rehab., racing, cross training, etc. A lot of this stuff is in Runners World and Running Times, but it would be nice to have a forum where we could ask questions. I would be happy to coordinate a few of these as test balloons, something like we did with Team 12.4. For example, I bet Bill Bergan (former ISU track coach) would be happy to talk to us. Maybe after the first Thursday run of the month Julie could get the break room for us at city hall for 45 minutes. My feelings won't be hurt if this is a silly idea.” 

(Editor’s Note:  What a silly idea, Tim.  Anyway:   I would like to suggest having at least one or more clinics at a  venue that offers appropriate carb loading, such as the clinics we used to have at Valentino’s and El Azteca.)

Ames to Dam To Dam To Ames

Maybe you’d like to reserve your seat now in the mostly luxurious accommodations of the 6 or 7 passenger Honda Pilot (more cup holders than a 747). Maybe you’d like to pick up my D2D packet, thus reserving the front passenger seat.  Maybe you’d like to catch a ride with me Saturday morning at the Best Western Starlite (or whatever the hell it is now) and arrive in downtown Des Moines to catch the train to the start of the run.  Maybe you have other arrangements for transportation.  All I know is that I’ll leaving from the east parking lot of the Best Western Whatever Warren Q. Madden motel out on east 13th at 4:45 AM on Saturday morning, and will pack several Vardo’s into el Piloto.  Including the Vardo of Honor who retrieves and presents me with my race packet (?)

Group Runs / Activities This Week

Tuesday:              5:30 PM Group Run – Vardaman Center for the Performing Arts
Wednesday:      Should tires have an expiration date?  Would you want to be left  hanging by a tread?

Thursday:            5:30 PM Annual Pre Dam to Dam Feed – House of Vardo
Thursday:            Hey look, it’s JFK’s birthday and Bob Hope’s birthday and Ronn Ritz’s birthday   
Friday:                  5:30 PM Heap O’ Pizza Night / Bradshaw Farewell  -  314 E 6th St.   Load a box, grab a slice. Repeat.

Subscription Renewal Reminder

A reminder that your subscription to the VardoGram expires soon (May 31, 2008).


If you wish to renew for another year and have not already done so, please send an e-mail to Kecia  and let her know that you wish to renew your subscription.  The annual cost is agreeing to be a RouteMaster.  Truly a bargain at twice the price or whatever / something like that.


Thank you.

VardoGram Subscription Fulfillment Services
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From The Bradshaws:   Saturday’s Group Run    (start time TBA – Father Fencl Suggests Right After 6 AM Mass)

7 miles on Saturday 5/24:

1. start at the soon-to-be-formerly-known-as-Bradshaw-abode 314 E 6th St
2. north on Crawford/Maxwell
3. east on E 14th St
4. north on Meadowlane and up the $%#@ Carr Pool Hill
5. west on 20th
6. north/west on Duff
7. west on 24th
8. south a couple miles on Jensen / Clark (water available at City Hall)
9. west on S 3rd
10. take bike path south to 16th street and turn yourself around (hokey pokey optional)
11. bike path north
12. east on S 3rd
13. north on Clark
14. east on 6th to finish

Beverages & fuel await you at the end.

Cross-Training Opportunity On Friday 5/30/08

“The Bradshaws could use some many hands to help make light work of moving. We will be carrying boxes & furniture downstairs to the truck all day, and plan to order a heap o' pizza around 6pm. Stop by Friday afternoon (Editor’s Note:  the 30th, not this Friday . . . address:  314 E 6th St.) after work for a little cross-training on the stairs & pizza treat. We'd love to see you before we move to Chambana.”    Dr. and Mrs. Bug

John Moran Update

Last week, Story County Deputy Laura Judge successfully talked Mayor Moran into leaving Cult 12.4 to rejoin Team Vardo.  However, at last report, The Mayor had relapsed and was heard chanting, “Yes Julie.  Yes Julie.”

Does Running Outdoors Burn More Calories?


Source:  Anahad O'Connor, in his "Really?" column in the May 6, 2008 New York Times Science section

The Claim: Running Outdoors Burns More Calories

The Facts: Pavement or treadmill? Most avid runners have a strong preference for one or the other, but how do the two differ in producing results?

According to several studies, the answer is not so simple. Researchers have found in general that while outdoor running tends to promote a more intense exercise, running on a treadmill helps reduce the likelihood of injury, and thus may allow some people to run longer and farther.

A number of studies have shown that in general, outdoor running burns about 5 percent more calories than treadmills do, in part because there is greater wind resistance and no assistance from the treadmill belt. Some studies show, for example, that when adults are allowed to set their own paces on treadmills and on tracks, they move more slowly and with shorter strides when they train on treadmills.

But other studies show that treadmill exercisers suffer fewer stress injuries in the leg. One study published in 2003 in the British journal of sports medicine, for example, analyzed a group of runners and found significantly higher rates of bone strain and tension during pavement running than during treadmill running, particularly in the tibia, or shinbone. This increased strain can heighten the risk of stress fractures by more than 50 percent, the study found.

The Bottom Line: Studies suggest that running on pavement generally burns slightly more calories, but also raises the risk of stress fractures.

Group Runs / Activities This Week

Tuesday:              5:30 PM Group Run – Vardaman Center for the Performing Arts. 
Wednesday:      Fun Fact:  Your brain is 10 times bigger than the brain of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

Thursday:            5:30 Cardio-Vardio.  Ada Hayden Vardaman Warren Q. Madden Heritage Memorial Park
Thursday:            5:30 PM Father Fencl’s Initiation Run - Latter Day Vardo Church and Fitness Center
Saturday:             Your RouteMaster(s):  Bradshaw Klan Farewell Tour  (per above)
Monday:              Hey, look Vardo’s:   It’s Natalie of the North’s birthday
Monday:              5:30 PM 2008 Hill Climb Farewell Tour -  Meet at House of Mullins, corner of 24th & Hayes (beware of tortoise in kiddie pool)


Saturday's Run

Friends of Vardo -  A message from deep within the bowels of Subway Development:

We will be starting at 7:30am in the parking lot behind The Cafe.  Water stops will be provided at 1106 Johnson (approximately mile 6 - brown row townhouse with 2 red stars hanging by the garage door...will be on your left side as you run by, shortly after turning onto Johnson off of Kennedy), Brookside Park water fountain (approximately mile 10), and at the finish back at The Cafe.  I have also been told that The Cafe offers just the right amount of post run carb loading for anyone interested in staying for breakfast.  (Editor’s Note:  The Café also offers just the right amount of part time employment for Klotzbach The Younger, a/k/a, Chef John-Claude.)


The link to the route is:



Written directions are:

  • North on Stange
  • East on Bloomington/Top-O-Hollow
  • North on Dawes
  • 1 Outside loop around Ada Hayden
  • South on Dawes/Grand Ave
  • West on 30th
  • South on Ferndale, then immediately West on Kennedy
  • South-ish on Johnson (look left, 4 houses for water stop!)
  • South on Northwestern
  • East on 20th
  • South on Duff
  • West on 5th
  • South on Pearle (by Vardaman Center for Arts...this street has an official name, but I make a motion to rename it Vardo Drive)
  • West-ish on Main/Northwestern
  • West on 6th (don't forget to hydrate at Brookside)
  • Northwest-ish on Elwood (oops, I mean bad)
  • North on Stange
  • East on Bristol
  • North on Kent
  • Back to Parking Lot for H2O, Gatorade, and gourmet breakfast (as desired...bring own money for gourmet breakfast, I just got the bill for Kindergarten registration and am currently unable to provide breakfast for everyone, sorry Charlie...all donations may be directed to the "Jakob Emerhoff Peterson goes to a "free" public school that charges for every little thing possible fund" :))

Anyone with questions is more than welcome to contact me either via email ( or or phone (290-1526).  Kirstin Peterson



Group Runs / Activities This Week

Tuesday:              5:30 PM Group Run – Vardaman Center for the Performing Arts. 
Wednesday:      “You can argue with me but you can't argue with figures:  Two half nuthins is a whole nuthin'.”
Thursday:            5:30 Cardio-Vardio.  Meeting location:  I forgot. 
Thursday:            5:30 Father Fencl’s Run From The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents.  Vardaman Center for the Performing Arts
Saturday:             Your RouteMaster(s):  Bradshaw Klan / Kirsten Peterson
Monday:              5:30 PM – Fletcher Hill Taper.  Meet at Casa de Mullins, corner of 24th & Hayes

RED ALERT - RED ALERT: Saturday's Route Updated


From: Jeff Margrett []
Sent: 05/09/2008 12:56 PM
To: George Klotzbach
Subject: RE: Saturday's route


George I planned the following route and sent it out.  Please resend.  no one got it.  Please tell everyone to head to moore for this route not Kecia's.  I worked on this and am sorry the e-mail didn't reach everyone.

Here are the routes for Saturday.  I have done a 11-ish miler and 5-ish miler.  The 11 milers will start @7:30 and the 5 milers will start at 8:00.  Both routes can be added to or scaled back by adding or dropping loops at Moore park.








There is no water stop on the 5-miler (except the drinks at the finish).

The water stop on the long run will be at the bottom of Dawes as you enter Ada Hayden.  This way you can drink before and after your loop of the lake.


the red Chevy Tracker in the park parking lot is mine and will be unlocked and full of drinks, etc.


See you Saturday.


-Jeff Margrett


From The Globe-Trotting Professor Schultz:   Mantis Shrimp – The Other White Meat

“Well, here are some pictures of one of the scariest looking animals I ate last night. The Mantis Shrimp: Hard to peel, but tastes pretty good.  They also look scary in quantities on a plate.  Like cooked cockroaches. Yet another reason to state that in China, you'll eat everything of an animal but the squeal.”  Tom Schultz

From Rich Bundy:   A Vardo Turns In A Finn-Tastic Finish
“Just thought you might want to mention in tomorrow's VardoGram that Brendan Finn finished the Lincoln marathon, his first, in 3:55:37.”

From Brother Mullins
:  Talent Search Report

“This guy is great for team marketing.  He knows how to get that logo front and center.”

Just In Time For The Holidays

During this blessed season of Lent (Canadian), here’s yet another delightful stocking stuffer.  Just Frost and Toss!     Picket Fence

Kentucky Derby Report

Win:       Sea Biscuit
Place:    Secretariat
Show:   SmArty Barton

Group Runs / Activities This Week

Tuesday:              5:30 PM Group Run – Vardaman Center for the Performing Arts. 
Wednesday:      I mean, anyone who can fog a mirror and read English ought to be able to follow basic  instructions.
Thursday:            5:30 Cardio-Vardio.  Meet at SE Corner of Hilton Coliseum Parking Lot (across from stadium – the usual spot)
Thursday:            Father Fencl’s Run of Redemption (to be announced – if not, 5:30 PM at the Vardaman Center for the Performing Arts)
Saturday:             Your RouteMaster:  The Other Jeff – Jeff Margrett
Monday:              5:30 PM – Hyland Hill Climb. Meet at Emma McCarthy Lee Vardaman Warren Q. Madden Enron Park. (4.75 mile run w/ hills)


Big Sur? Yes Sir!

Hello, Vardo’s.   Your attention please to a fine message from the Friday Night Greeter/Hostess at El Azteca:

“Hey, Uncle George.  Did Chris Keenan mention that she just finished the Big Sur Marathon?  Perhaps she is being modest but what an accomplishment.  Please share the good news!”    Dawn Howerton