VardoGram Supplement

Presenting Sir Gregory Wool, Conqueror of the Des Moines Marathon.  With A Fine Finish Time, I Might Add.  You Could Look It Up. On The Internets.

Hello fellow Vardos,

Being unexpectedly busy this week, I decided to do the green thing and recycle an existing route:
It starts and ends at City Hall.  May I suggest we start at 8:00 AM.  I'll have water out at the locations shown on the route.  Hope to see you!
--Greg W.

Today's Sponsor

The VardoGram Supplement is brought to you today by the Gentle Gardener.  Call the Gentle Gardener, Mary's Her Name, And Away Go Your Garden Troubles Down The Drain.

(Question:  Is there a Vardo with more names than Mary Schrunk?  She goes by Mary, The Queen of 16th Street, Lily, That Damned Mary, The Gentle Gardener, and Hey You With The Barbie Fanny Pack, Go Fetch Me Another One Of Them PowerAdes)